Mission Statement

Our Mission is to:

1. Heal the afflicted and the afflicter (victim and offender)

2. Heal the damage of the crime

3. Reintegrate the defender into the community and restore wholeness to the communities

4. Save tax and reduce recidivism

5. Develop preventative programs to eliminate
the causes of crime

6. Stop building of a new prison or a prison in disguise

7. Advocate a traditional ho'oponopono process
and decentralized pu'uhonua (wellness centers)
on each island

The Ho'ponopono Process

"ho'ponopono: setting to right; to make right; to correct; to restore and maintain good relationships among family, and family - and - supernatural powers. The specific family conference in which relationships were "set right" through prayer, discussion, confession, repentance, and mutual restitution and forgiveness."

-from Nana I Ke Kumu, vol. 1, p. 60
by Pukui, Haertig & Lee

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