Aloha Kakou, Ohana Ho'opakele,                                                         

Reporting on our visit to the Arizona Na Pa'ahao, February 6 thru 13, 2012:

Again, we are back Kaiana and I from doing the Closing Makahiki Ceremonies at Arizona Saguaro Prison (State of Hawai'i) Eloy, Arizona Feb. 7th thru 9th and at (FCI) Federal Correctional Institution, Safford, Arizona Feb. 10th thru 12th, 2012.

The Kanaka Maoli at Saguaro Prison about 65 involved and dedicated to the Hawaiian Religion and Cultural Programs were outstanding again in performing the rituals for the Closing Makahiki Ceremony.  Preparation was same as Opening Ceremony.  We brought all the Ho’okupu, ti-leaves and implements for Akua Lono for both prisons.

Feb.7th met with Assistant Warden Ben Griego then prepared for Ceremony with the Pa’ahao for Wednesday Feb. 8th.

Feb 8th Wednesday Makahiki Ceremony 6am to 3:30pm.

Feb.9thThursday met with Pa’ahao and kukakuka, talk session to evaluate Makahiki.

There are 7 Kanaka Maoli at FCI Safford, Arizona.  We were asked to come and help them start their Hawaiian Religion and Cultural Program; this was our first visit there.  They were taught the Rituals, Protocol, Chants, etc. for the Makahiki Ceremony.  They were very interested and learned quickly; it was a productive time with them.  We were provided with an area to do our Ceremony and it was a success.

Feb10th Friday, 7-10pm met with Chaplin Carl Johnson from FCI Safford and the Pa’ahao for introduction and preparation for Makahiki Ceremony.

Feb.11th Saturday Makahiki Ceremony 8am to 3:30pm and back at 7pm to 10pm to evaluate.

Feb.12th Sunday 7am to 10am. Kukakuka talk session for future plans and our next visit.



Hawaiian Cultural and Spiritual Leader,

Kini Palmyra Kaleilani Burke