Report on the Makahiki Opening Ceremony, Saguaro Prison, Eloy, Arizona, November 7–11, 2011.

Monday: Ka'iana Haili and Kini Kaleilani Burke leave Hilo, Hawaii. Taking with them Kinolau (food) for Lono, ti-leaves, Uala, Kalo, Ulu, Kalua Pua'a, Poi, etc. to partake during the Ceremony.  Navigational Material gathered from Imiloa Astrological Center and also from Pu'u nana Leo learning center, 2 Altars made of Kawila and Pohaku and other food items to share with them, Amulets (12) for Aumakua made of koa and koa wood for the prisoners to make more in the Hobby shop.

Arriving at Phoenix: 12 midnight and getting to our motel at 3 am. Tues. morning

Tuesday: 8:30 am leave from Motel to Saguaro Pa’ahao.  Have meeting with Warden Thomas and Assistant Warden Greigo about Makahiki and other Issues.  Meet with Pa'ahao and prepare for Makahiki Wednesday morning starting at 5:00 am.

Wednesday: Makahiki Opening Ceremony Begins at 6 am with the Chanting "E ala e" of the Sun then the processing (Huaka`i) with Akua Lono (god of peace and harvest) this done in the morning for a few hours. We had lunch provided by the Prison. In the afternoon until 3:00 pm this was time for Pa'ani (games, Hula, singing) and sacred rituals.

The News Media was there for the morning activities only.

Thursday:  Saguaro Pa'ahao 8:30 am - 10:30 am meet with Pa'ahao talk about Wednesdays Ceremony.  Afternoon 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm Class on Navigation and Stars and showed DVD on Navigator Mau, who helped the Hawaiians in bringing back our navigational skills.

Friday:  Head back to Hilo

Mahalo nui,

Spiritual Leader,

Kini Kaleilani Burke